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Cyclist Dies In Tragic Car Accident At Foster City Intersection

A car accident in Foster City claimed the life of one local cyclist last Friday. Safety officials hope this tragic accident will remind motorists and cyclists to slow down and proceed with extreme caution at all intersections.

According to The Mercury News, this fatal accident happened at 11:25AM on March 23rd at the intersection of Foster City and East Hillsdale boulevards. Police say they found the cyclist, 78, on the street with serious injuries when they arrived on the scene. Rescue crews immediately transported the cyclist to a nearby hospital, but he was soon pronounced dead.

Apparently the cyclist was heading east on East Hillsdale Boulevard when this blue car hit him at the intersection. The driver of the Toyota was heading north on Foster City Boulevard at the time of the crash.

Local police are still investigating the cause of this accident. In press releases, officers remind all bikers and motorists to exercise extreme caution at intersections. If possible, safety officials recommend drivers make eye contact with bikers before taking any sudden turns.

Safety At Intersections

While numerous cities across the USA have made great strides helping cyclists get around safely, around 70 percent of all cyclist fatalities occur in urban areas. Of these fatalities, almost 30 percent happen at an intersection according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

It’s important for both motorists and cyclists to be on high alert whenever they reach intersections. To protect yourself whenever cycling in these regions, try to increase your visibility by wearing bright and/or reflective clothing. It’s extremely important to put lights on your bike if you think you’ll be riding when it’s dark outside.

For motorists, be sure to check for cyclists whenever you reach an intersection. If you see a cyclist, be sure you signal your intentions before making any sudden movements. It’s better to take your time than to rush through the intersection and cost someone his/her life.

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