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Palo Alto’s Approach to Bike Accidents

Palo Alto is a university town with many students choosing bicycles as their mode of transport. 44% of high-school students also use bikes to get around. With so many cyclists on the road, bike accidents are bound to happen in Palo Alto. In 2012, 746 cyclists were either injured or killed in bicycle accidents in the Santa Clara County.
Palo Alto adopted Vision Zero, a policy aimed to eliminate significant injuries and deaths due to bike accidents on the roads by 2020. Vision Zero was first adopted in Sweden where they have been reduced fatal pedestrian and bicycle accidents by 50% since 1997.

The Benefits of Using a Bicycle Lawyer

Cyclists have little protection should they be in an accident and it is, therefore, important to be extra vigilant when cycling on the roads. When cyclists are in an accident, it’s crucial to get the best representation possible from an experienced bicycle lawyer to maximize the amount of compensation they receive.
Only a personal injury attorney specializing exclusively in bike accident cases can truly help you. The circumstances surrounding a cycling accident and the laws governing bicycle accidents are often complex, and insurance companies are experts in avoiding paying out claims. Bike lawyers know all the tricks in the book, both against and in favor of the cyclist.

Bay Area Bicycle Law in Palo Alto

Our Palo Alto office opened in the spring of 2015. Since we are involved in the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, we help many people in the South Bay area. Our office in Palo Alto is conveniently located for cyclists in South Bay.
We are passionate about our involvement in the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition where we advocate for safer routes and intersections. The coalition also helps with urban cycling education and commuting workshops to assist cyclists in becoming more skilled at biking and more vigilant on the roads.

Why You should choose Bay Area Bicycle Law

At Bay Area Bicycle Law, we’re not only involved in the cycling community; all of our lawyers are also avid cyclists themselves. We are passionate about the safety of cyclists, and we are committed to maximizing compensation for their bike accidents, covering their injury costs, negotiating time off work, and damages to their property. We are with you every step of the way from the very first meeting to receiving your compensation check.
We are the only personal injury firm that exclusively represents cyclists in Northern California.
With our vast experience solely handling bike accident cases, we’ve seen it all. No tactic from the opposition surprises us anymore, and we know how to counteract every situation with the proper legal strategies. We have a comprehensive understanding of traffic and bike laws, injuries sustained by bike accident victims, and the trauma cyclists experience when they are in an accident. Our meticulous investigations ensure the best outcome for your case possible.
Palo Alto office, Bay Area Bicycle Law

Where to Find the Palo Alto Office

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Bike-Friendly Palo Alto

Palo Alto is one of the most bicycle-friendly communities in California. It has a vast park and trail system, and its flat terrain, temperate climate, and tree-lined streets make it the perfect place to take to the streets on two wheels. The lively historic downtown is enjoyed by residents and nearby Stanford students alike.
Since the 1980’s, Palo Alto has been on the forefront of the bicycle scene when it developed the country’s first bike boulevard on Bryant Street. In July 2012, the city adopted the Palo Alto Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Plan, which aims at making the city more bicycle friendly with better infrastructure to support healthy living and to reduce citizens’ carbon footprint. They intend to expand work commute trips to 15% by 2020.
The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is currently campaigning for the upgrade of dangerous intersections and that all Santa Clara Counties will adopt the Vision Zero implementation plan.
There are many clubs you can join in the area, and the many trails make it a wanderlust for all cyclists, no matter your preferences.

Palo Alto Bicycle Accident FAQs

Do I need a bicycle law specialty firm if I get injured on a bike in Palo Alto?

When you are injured while riding your bike, the law is different than if you were injured in your car. A general personal injury firm isn’t going to be so closely familiar with bicycle law or the best way to handle the driver’s insurance company when the victim is a cyclist. Talk to an attorney who knows bicycle law and can get you the compensation you deserve.

If I get injured on a Google or a Facebook bike, can I sue the company?

If your injuries come from riding a company bike like those ride-share bikes Facebook and Google have available for their employees, you can make a claim against anyone who negligently caused the accident. Liability for the bikes can be linked back to the owner of the bikes if they did something negligent or failed to do something they were required to do.

If I was hit while riding my bike but wasn’t wearing my helmet, can that keep me from getting compensation?

Insurance companies will sometimes tell a cyclist that since he or she wasn’t wearing a helmet when they were struck by their client, that they can’t get compensation. This isn’t true. Under California’s personal injury laws, the negligent party in an accident has to bear the costs of all injuries and financial losses. If a jury believes the rider was partially negligent for not wearing a helmet, then the amount of compensation might be reduced.