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Spinal Surgeries from Car Collision

Date: 2019

Our attorneys were proud to represent a 60-year old man who was hit in a collision that required multiple spinal surgeries. The client, a health care provider to the elderly and infirm, as well as a frequent volunteer, suffered a dramatic decrease to the quality of his professional and private life due to the immense amounts of back pain that he incurred, and that will unfortunately affect him the rest of his life. This pain would eventually require multiple spinal surgeries to combat, and due to his lack of healthcare, meant that he risked it all coming out-of-pocket. Defense unsuccessfully argued that the conditions were pre-existing, they contested his lost wages claim, and originally only offered 10% payment on the medical treatment. Despite those efforts, the team at Bay Area Bicycle Law was able to negotiate a settlement – on the eve of trial – for $995,000.00.