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Urwiler v. Ingram

Court: Alameda County Superior Court

Head Attorney: Michael Stephenson

Second Chair: Michelle Weiss

Date: July 2014

This lawsuit was an up-hill battle, as the Plaintiff cyclist was unable to remember the collision itself due to a head injury. However, Bay Area Bicycle Law was able to elicit testimony from the Defendant during her deposition indicating that she was not paying proper attention immediately prior to the subject accident.

On the eve of trial, Defendant’s had made a $0 settlement offer and insisted that the Plaintiff was 100% responsible for her own injuries (concussion and fractured clavicle). It was Plaintiff’s position that both parties were comparatively at fault — the Plaintiff for making an unsafe turn and the Defendant for failing to keep a proper lookout. At trial, the Plaintiff prevailed after the jury apportioned split liability of 70/30.