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Bicycle Law Blog

Preventing and Dealing with Bicycle Theft

Posted on August 4, 2021 in Uncategorized

Bike theft is a big problem in the Bay Area – as it is in most cities – with several thousand bikes being stolen each year in San Francisco alone. Although we do not commonly represent clients who have been the victim of bicycle theft (we are personal injury attorneys who represent injured cyclists, usually…

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Hazardous Road Conditions and Bicycle Accidents

Posted on July 14, 2021 in Bicycle Accidents

At Bay Area Bicycle Law, we get to advocate for bicyclists and help injured cyclists secure justice every day. But the downside of getting to do this work is having to see just how many people are injured in bike crashes. Over the past year, as COVID caused a surge in bicycle ridership and a…

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Expert Witnesses in Bicycle Accident Claims

Posted on June 25, 2021 in About the process

Often in personal injury claims, testimony from an expert witness is needed. An expert witness is a person who has special training, education, and/or experience that can help your attorney prove certain aspects of your case. Expert witnesses are in contrast to lay witnesses – who do not have special training, but can provide information…

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Sutter Shoreline Park Now Open to Bicyclists

Posted on October 26, 2020 in Bicycle News

Any new opportunity to enjoy the iconic scenery of the San Francisco Bay is something to celebrate. The new Judge John Sutter Regional Shoreline park offers just that with fresh vistas and new amenities on the Oakland waterfront for hikers, sightseers and bicyclists. Judge John Sutter Shoreline Opens East Bay Times reported the park open…

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Davis Bicycle Accidents Involving Injuries

Posted on October 15, 2020 in Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists know they must contend with many challenges when they ride. The physical exertion, the wind, sun, or rain, and on many rides a constant stream of vehicle traffic are all common obstacles. And riders will always be at risk on Davis streets when drivers become so easily distracted. Davis and Yolo County actually rate…

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Antioch Deadly Bicycle Accidents

Posted on October 13, 2020 in Bicycle Accidents

A bicyclist traveling during morning or evening rush hour can face more risk of accidents from heavier traffic and more distracted drivers at the wheel. A careless driver can forget to check mirrors and blind spots before a move and suddenly present a giant and dangerous obstacle to a bicyclist traveling nearby. The dangers are…

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Revel Electric Mopeds In San Francisco

Posted on September 24, 2020 in Bicycle News

The battle for micromobility superiority in San Francisco continues with a new option available for people who travel by app swipes and rideshares. Over 400 Revel electric mopeds hit the streets of San Fran in late August 2020. The city joins Oakland and Berkley where Revel E-mopeds have already been available for some time. The…

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