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Bike to Work Day: 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Bay Area Commute

Group of cyclists commuting

On most days, commuting to work is just another part of the morning routine. But on Thursday, May 19, it’s a fun way to connect with the cycling community and make the most out of all that the Bay Area offers to cyclists. 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran on the streets or cycling to work for the first time, the annual Bay Area Bike to Work Day is for you. This year marks three decades of the event, which always takes place in May amid Bay Area Bike to Wherever Days, a month dedicated to cycling as much as possible. 

Whether it’s school, a job, or to local shops and restaurants, there’s a lot to enjoy about San Francisco cycling. During this event, they’ll be plenty of organizations offering resources to cyclists, meet-ups to enjoy, and morning stop-offs that are worth your while. 

The attorneys and staff at Bay Area Bicycle Law want you to have the best commute this year, wherever it is you’re headed. Here are our top five tips for making it to work and beyond on May 19. 

One: Remember the right gear 

Even when riding in the morning and mid-afternoon, it’s important to be as visible as possible. Wearing the right gear is crucial and you’ll want to make sure your bicycle has all the right safety devices that meet California law.

Opt for a reflective and/or brightly-colored vest. This will help ensure that drivers in vehicles can see you. Remember to check that your bicycle also has the right reflective markings and headlights

For young riders, helmets are required. 

Beyond that, it can be helpful to pack a rain jacket, a tire kit, and anything else that might help you along your ride. Less experienced riders may want to hit up one of the safety check points that are offered along several routes to get valuable information and have a professional double-check their bike and gear. 

Two: Pledge to ride

Ready, set, pledge. 

Make your commute official by pledging your ride through Bay Area Bike to Wherever Days. This quick pledge helps show your support for cycling as much as possible throughout the month of May and lets cycling organizations know about ongoing challenges and where they should focus their advocacy efforts.

This year, the organization hopes to reach a collective goal of 30,000 miles cycled during the month. 

Three: Find your energizer station 

Whether your commute takes you downtown San Francisco, around Napa County, or through the heart of Oakland, you’re likely to find an energizer station along your route. This year, there will be 300 of them across the region!

Each of the nine Bay Area counties are hosting energizer stations where you can stop off and grab a quick breakfast or snack, fun swag from supporting organizations and businesses, and mingle with fellow commuters. This is a great place to meet other cyclists and engage with the community.

Find a map of energizer stations here and remember to check back before you take off for the day, locations may change slightly. 

Four: Enjoy the ride safely

Bike to Work Day is an exciting time for many of the region’s cyclists, and new bike lanes, longer paths, and updated BART rules make it even easier this year. 

Be sure to follow local and state laws when it comes to cycling on roadways. Don’t ride on sidewalks – that’s illegal everywhere – and ride with traffic, instead of against it, if there isn’t a bike lane available. 

If you’re riding along a busy street where cars are parked, stay alert and watch for vehicle occupants who may open their door into bike traffic. This is a significant risk to cyclists, and one that attorneys at Bay Area Bicycle Law see often. 

Finally, it is still law in California for cyclists to make full stops at stop signs. Not doing so could result in a traffic ticket. 

Five: Join a meet-up 

Keep the good vibes rolling with after-work meet ups, weekend tours, and more. Several organizations around the Bay Area are hosting fun events for cyclists this week and beyond.

Here are a few events we’re excited to check out:

May 16 | Bike Happy Hour in Old Oakland 

4-8 p.m. 

Celebrate the Bike to Wherever Day in the streets of beautiful Old Oakland. Come together for Drake’s Beer, a pedal-powered DJ set by Rock the Bike, and conversation with local bike and transportation-focused community members and organizations. Co-presented with Walk Oakland, Bike Oakland, this event is free, and family friendly.

There will be self-valet bike racks provided — bring your lock!

RSVP here to attend. 

May 16 | Santa Rosa Bike Block Party

5-8 p.m. 

Help us take over 4th Street downtown and celebrate the end of work on Bay Area Bike to Work Day. Enjoy local music, good company, food, drinks, family activities, and more. Open to everyone! Additional details can be found here.

May 18 | Redwood City Mural Ride 2024

Begins at 10 a.m. 

In celebration of lovely weather, community artwork, and Bay Area Bike To Wherever Days, we invite you on a free, open-to-the-public group bike ride to meet artists, tour various murals, and get some exercise and fresh air with friends. Start the day at the Redwood City Library where there will be helmet fittings and free bike safety checks. 

Sign up for the ride here.

May 24 | Women And Non-Binary Bike Sf Friday Morning Ride

7:15 a.m. 

This is a recurring event, so if you can’t make it this time, keep it in mind for future rides. It’s a simple ride that emphasizes community for women and non-binary cyclists. Arrive at McLaren Lodge (the building at the entrance of Golden Gate Park) around 7:15 a.m. The group will take off at 7:30 a.m., find their destination at a view of the beach along the Great Highway road closure, and return by 8:45 a.m.