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4 Apps to Reduce Your Chances of Getting into a Bicycle Accident

Whether you’re outdoors obsessed or a tech maven hoping to build and scale your online business, you can tap a bewildering assortment of apps on almost every topic to make life easier and more fun.

Bikers who want to cycle to work and test their skills on the trail can also avail themselves of awesome apps specifically designed to improve safety and minimize accident risks.

Below, we’ve surveyed four free apps, which represent just a small slice of what’s available. (Premium upgrades for these are available for a fee.)

    1. Fill That Hole: As the name suggests, Fill That Hole tells riders the exact location of potholes on the roads. If you spot a problem, you can help other bikers and drivers: the app lets you send alerts to the pertinent municipal department, so that the agency can investigate and conduct repairs. Available for Android and Apple, you can even include a picture of the hole if you like.
  • Cyclemeter: Created as a fitness app for Apple, this app computes numerous cycling statistics, including time, speed and distance. It also features a list of workouts for riders. A wonderful training partner, the app announces your progress so that you can keep your eyes on the road during your ride.
  • Map My Ride: Similar to Cyclemeter, Map My Ride records information from your ride, adding detailed routes and evaluations. You can share app information with other iOS, Android and Windows users. In addition, the app offers preset and timed sections, called Courses, and you can work to achieve the fastest time.
  • Bike Shield: Bike Shield uses cutting-edge technology to notify drivers when you are nearing or passing them. Drivers know if you are in their blind spots – this information can help them avoid accidents. However, the app only works when other drivers and cyclists use it. So what if not enough people download and use it? Will it offer any protection? To manage this issue, the company is working with other app creators on a programming interface that connects with similar apps. Bike Shield is available for Apple and IOS.


More Bike Safety Tips

Even when you take abundant precautions and prioritize safety on the road and the trail, unfortunate events can occur and lead to serious injuries, broken bones and concussions. The secondary consequences can lead to substantial costs, including loss of productivity at work for months or years or long-term therapy costs.

How do you know who was responsible for your accident? What can you do to obtain reasonable compensation? The answers depend intimately on the nature of the crash and its circumstances. However, common liable parties include careless drivers, other bikers (such as someone who steered into you or took your lane) and those who manufactured or installed defective bike parts. Our experienced legal team can examine what went wrong and help you and your family understand what options you might have, if any, to seek compensation. Please call us for a confidential consultation about your next steps.