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In a Bike Accident? Hire a Bay Area Bike Injury Lawyer!

The bike injury lawyers at Bay Area Bicycle Law have extensive experience working on bike accident cases because that is the only work we do. By devoting our entire careers to one niche, we can guarantee the superior service required to win your case.

Injured In A Bike Accident?

Have you suffered a bike accident? Have you incurred damages as a result of your bicycle injury? Are you looking for an attorney to help prepare your legal case, to get you the settlement you deserve?

Contact Michael Stephenson and the Bay Area Bicycle Law team. A bike injury lawyer is the best type of attorney for handling cases that involve bicycle law!

Why should I hire a bike accident lawyer?

Imagine a picturesque day, with crisp air, dry roads, and boundless sunshine. And yourself, cycling down a gentle slope, your tires perfectly gripping the asphalt, on your way someplace but caring as much about the journey as the destination. You round a bend, but you’re distantly aware that something is not quite right. Maybe a vibration or an echo teases the back of your mind, but before you can think, you’re falling, sprawled on the embankment.

Your mind is a blur, you are aware of something broken before you feel the pain. How do you describe your last few moments? Your instincts are screaming to look forward, to plan your next move and find safety without knowing the danger. Your rational mind knows that a car hit you, but your instincts have yet to catch up, and besides, where did it come from? Red, with black tires, glimpsed in your mirror before the turn. Speeding? Hadn’t the driver seen you?

What you don’t yet know is that the distracted driver had not seen you take the corner, and had himself taken it too sharply. He veered into the bike lane and clipped your rear tire, causing your bike accident and personal injury. There was nothing you could have done. However, without evidence, and without keeping precise documentation, you may end up arguing your word against his, and a court might not be able to make an informed ruling.

A bike accident can change your life. It can take months or years to recover from a bicycle injury, even if you were wearing a helmet. Some injuries suffered in bike crashes are permanent, and will affect your quality of life forever.  You might have to miss work due to your injuries, you might be racking up medical bills, or suffering other hardships. A bike injury lawyer will help you to document these hardships, prepare a comprehensive case, and win a settlement for compensate you for your losses.

We’re here to help

Whether you’ve been doored, collided with a car, crashed in a pothole, been forced off the road, or have otherwise been involved in a cycling accident, Bay Area Bicycle Law is ready to help. By coaching you through every step of your legal process, from the immediate aftermath of a crash, and building your case all the way through to your court date, Bay Area Bicycle Law is your best ally.

At Bay Area Bicycle Law, we care about cyclists. We’re actively involved in California’s cycling culture, working with a number of cycling coalitions and events. We are always working for bicycle-friendly roads, and improvements to California’s highway laws. But unfortunately, we know all too well how common bicycle accidents and injuries can be.

That’s why we’re so committed to bicycle law, and to working with bicycle injury claimants. We’ve helped many cyclists navigate a legal system that all too often feels stacked against them. Work with a bike injury lawyer from our team today!