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Bicyclist Killed in Orange County Intersection Accident

A driver in Orange allegedly struck a cyclist this Thursday. Sadly, police say the cyclist was killed on impact.

According to the Orange County Register, this fatal crash happened on April 26, 2018 at around 5:30PM between Santa Ana Canyon and Orange Olive roads. Allegedly, the cyclist was traveling west on Santa Ana Canyon Road when a motorist headed north on Orange Olive Road hit the bicyclist. Shortly after safety crews arrived on the scene they formally pronounced the cyclist dead.

The driver did not flee the scene and is now being interviewed by the police. As of today, the cause of this crash remains under investigation.

Pay Attention At Intersections

It should come as no surprise that at least half of all cyclist accidents occur at intersections. Unfortunately, many motorists who hit cyclists in the past claim they couldn’t make out the bike as they were turning. While it’s sometimes difficult to see bikes while in a car, there’s no excuse for taking the necessary time and extra precautions when passing through an intersection.

Cyclists should be treated with the same degree of respect as other motorists on the road. This is especially true at intersections when cyclists are more prone to be seriously injured. Since bicyclists don’t have the same degree of protection that car drivers have, accidents can have life-altering effects on a cyclist’s health.

Injured As A Cyclist? Call Bay Area Bike Law

If you or someone you’re close to has been hit while riding a bike anywhere in California, feel free to give Bay Area Bicycle Law a call. Our staff has years of experience settling cases for a wide variety of cyclist-related injuries and fatalities. In fact, we focus exclusively on bicycle accident cases. During your free and confidential consultation, you’ll learn all of your legal options specifics of your situation.