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Head injuries are common in San Francisco area bicycle crashes and accidents worldwide. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that wearing a helmet reduces the chances of a head injury by about 50 percent. The odds of a facial injury are reduced by about 33 percent. In the event of a crash, a bicyclist’s face remains exposed and largely unprotected against serious injuries.

Nose fractures

A person’s nose sticks out well beyond any other facial features. That’s why is isn’t uncommon for a rider to suffer a nose fracture as a result of a bicycle crash. A fractured nose can be incredibly painful. Many nose fractures result in facial disfigurement when a victim’s nose is pushed over to one side or another. Structural damage beneath what the eye can discern can also result. Breathing, sleep apnea, sinus and sensory disorders can follow.

Jaw fractures

Much as the nose does, the jawbone (chin) also sticks out, so it’s not uncommon for a cyclist to suffer a jaw fracture or dislocation in a crash either. A severely fractured jaw could require wiring, fixation of bone fragments or even facial reconstruction surgery. Depending on impact factors, there can also be damage to the temporomandibular (TMJ) joints under the ears that connect the jawbone to the skull. A TMJ injury can result in grinding and popping pain on each side of the face.

Dental injuries

Aside from motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents are one of the leading causes of dental trauma. Damaged teeth are painful, and they can affect a bicyclist’s overall physical and emotional health. Some common dental injuries include chipped or fractured teeth, avulsed (knocked out) teeth and teeth that are dislodged and pushed out of their sockets. These types of injuries usually require multiple dental visits and treatments, especially if a child is the victim of dental injuries.

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