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Given the physics of some bicycle accidents, it’s not unusual for a bicyclist to fly over his or her handlebars after an impact or defective road condition. When a bicyclist is wearing a helmet, that helmet might protect his or her head and spinal cord from injury, but it does little or nothing to protect the bicyclist’s jaw, mouth, nose and face. It’s highly likely that an impact with the pavement or another vehicle won’t be broken with the cyclist’s hands and arms. That can leave the bicyclist’s face impacting with the pavement, another vehicle or a stationary object. Since the structure of the face is fragile, a traumatic impact with another object can result in extensive damage to facial components like his or her:
Since the mandible bone (jaw) is unprotected with a helmet and protrudes from it, a bicyclist’s jaw can be traumatically and painfully fractured or dislocated after a bicycle crash impact. There’s also a high likelihood that dental injuries in the form of chipped, fractured or displaced teeth will accompany a serious jaw injury. Not only will the victim have difficulty chewing and digesting food, but emotional issues about his or her appearance are also likely to arise.
A person’s nose also protrudes from their face. That’s why one of the most common facial injuries from bicycle accidents is nasal damage. A broken nose is going to result not only in great pain, but also disfigurement. Aside from those issues, breathing passageways can become obstructed, and sinus damage might result. Then come the facial disfigurement emotional issues.
Facial Fractures
Cheekbones protrude too. These and a rider’s eye orbit bones can be fractured in a bicycle accident. Surgery might not be needed to repair these types of injuries. At other times, wires, screws or plates might be used to help with joining facial bones. Reconstructive surgery might even be in order if the victim’s face has been misshaped. Facial bones might be removed and replaced by healthy bone from another part of the victim’s body.

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Any of the above facial injuries can result in expensive medical treatment, pain and emotional trauma. You’ll want them treated professionally and responsibly. You’ll want your California bicycle accident personal injury case treated effectively, efficiently and professionally too.
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