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3 Types of Bike Accidents in San Francisco and What to Do About Them


Since bicycles are relatively small, especially when compared with massive cars and trucks that populate Bay Area roadways and freeways, cyclists face special types of dangers that put them at extra risk for injury or death.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 900 people died in bicycle accidents in the U.S. in 2013, and an additional 494,000 cyclists visited the emergency room for injuries they sustained.

Reducing the Scope and Scale of These Accidents: What Can Be Done?

Cyclists can minimize risk by adopting defensive measures, such as wearing helmets, using lights at night and driving defensively. In addition, they can don reflective wear or add higher visibility reflectors to their bikes.

Drivers, too, can play a major role in solving the problem. Motor vehicle operators should avoid distractions, drive slowly and in control (particularly in foggy or wet conditions), and pay extra attention to cyclists.

Recognizing your habits and patterns on the road can also help you avert tragedy. As a cyclist, for instance, pay attention to any “near misses” you encounter, such as skid outs that leave you scraped up but otherwise unharmed and near-collisions with zoned out drivers. Figure out what you could have done differently in those situations, and alter your cycling behavior accordingly.

3 Common Types of Bicycle Accidents

Drivers run into or turn into cyclists at intersections. Typical reasons why drivers hit bikers include: alcohol or drug impairment, speeding, driving too fast for road conditions, fatigue, distraction due to mobile devices, mechanical problems with the car, driver inattention and carelessness, and visibility issues.

Cyclists “doored” by drivers getting into their vehicles. The narrow, steep streets of San Francisco probably increase both the likelihood of “dooring” accidents and the severity of these crashes.

Collisions that occur when both the driver and the cyclist are traveling straight. “Rear-ending” accidents occur less frequently than many bikers realize, although these types of accidents command the imagination more. (It’s scary to imagine being overtaken by an oblivious driver approaching from behind). More commonly, accidents happen when a biker jogs in front of a parked car and gets hit by a motor vehicle heading straight in the same direction.

Experienced San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorneys – Standing By to Help

Whether a careless teen driver texting on his cell blew through an intersection and T-boned your bicycle while you were driving to your job, or a driver doored you on a narrow street, you’re likely angry, confused, and in pain. Our experienced attorneys can help you understand exactly what happened in your crash and who might be liable for your pain, suffering, loss of productivity and damage to your bike. Please call us to schedule a confidential consultation to explore your legal options.