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2018 Tour de Palm Springs Bicycle Crash Ends Tragically

The Tour de Palm Springs is a mass bicycle ride and participants include both enthusiasts and casual cyclists who bike through the beautiful desert mountains. It’s a charity event which has raised millions of dollars for Coachella Valley charities. The 2018 ride was the 20th anniversary of the event, drawing in cyclists and families from all over California and beyond.

At this year’s Tour de Palm Springs, there was a terrible crash which shouldn’t have occurred. A 21 year old man from Desert Hot Springs was speeding and lost control of the Ford 500 that he was driving. Several witnesses believe the driver was doing over 100MPH when he crashed into 2 cyclists Tragically, one cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and another was transported to the hospital with severe injuries.

Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow.

According to the Desert Sun, the man was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter.

We will update this page if a GoFundMe account is started for either of the cyclists and/or their families for any cyclists who would like to contribute.

Injuries and fatalities in a cycling event

Unfortunately, even though organizers work hard to keep cyclists safe, bicycle crashes will occur. A cyclist was killed in the 2014 Tour de Palm Springs, and more recently 4 cyclists were hit in The Jensie Gran Fondo.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a cycling event in southern California or anywhere in the State of California, it is critical to speak to an attorney who is focused on bicycle accidents, even if it is just for a free consultation. That’s because California cyclists who are injured by negligent drivers are entitled to a wide array of compensation.

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