Bike Accidents in Sacramento

Cycling and Bike Accidents in Sacramento

Sacramento County is not as friendly to cyclists as it could be, and unfortunately too many bike accidents happen. In 2015, 44 pedestrians and cyclists were killed. There aren’t many bike paths, and bike trails are often interrupted forcing cyclists to swerve onto the road. As a result, only 3% of Sacramento commuters travel by bicycle.

It’s often dangerous for cyclists to navigate their way around the city. Not only do cyclists have limited access to dedicated paths, but many drivers of cars, trucks, and busses disregard cyclists – even seeing them as an annoyance, which creates a breeding ground for bike accidents. On the upside, downtown Sacramento tends to be a bit friendlier towards cyclists.

Why Do Sacramento Cyclists Need a Bicycle Lawyer?

According to State law, cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers, but beyond that statement, the law is very ambiguous with a lot of room for interpretation (and thus, a lot of room for insurance companies to find a way to limit or deny coverage). The law can be difficult to interpret if you don’t have specialized knowledge of cycle accidents – even general personal injury attorneys often struggle to navigate the waters, or even worse, don’t know what they are missing in a case until it is too late.

Lawyers focusing specifically on bike accidents are better prepared to handle your case since we know bicycle law inside and out. We are also familiar with all the tactics the opposition tends to use, and no strategy surprises us anymore.

Bay Area Bicycle Law in Sacramento

We opened our Sacramento office in the Spring of 2015. The Sacramento area has a large and very active cycling community, and since we were handling many cases in the area, it made sense to establish a presence in the area.

We are involved in the Sacramento cycling community and are devoted to making the Sacramento County a safe cycling environment. We were one of the main sponsors for the 2016 annual Bicycle Advocacy Day in Sacramento where we’ve advocated for transportation systems that are friendlier to cyclists and pedestrians and provide new and safer routes.

Benefits of Hiring Bay Area Bicycle Law as Your Attorney

Our attorneys at Bay Area Bicycle Law are all cyclists themselves, so we understand the challenges cyclists face on the road each day. With years of experience focusing exclusively on bike accidents, we have all the know-how you can ever need to get the best outcome for your case.

Our comprehensive understanding makes us the go-to choice for cyclists who were in accidents in the Sacramento area. The laws pertaining to cyclists are complex, and insurance companies know how to use loopholes to their advantage. Our intimate knowledge and years of experience of bike accidents work in your favor, and we keep up to date with changing legislation.

We handle a wide variety of bike accident cases, but the most common types include motorists who are:

  • Speeding and disregarding road signs
  • Driving without their headlights on when dark.
  • Switching lanes without looking out for cyclists.
  • Stopping suddenly without warning.
  • Opening the door of a stationary vehicle in front of an oncoming cyclist.
  • Distracted by looking at their phones.

We help you to get the maximum compensation for your injuries, damage to your property, and loss of income due to time off from work needed to recuperate from injuries.

Bicycle Law Sacramento

Where to Find the Sacramento Office

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Cycling in Sacramento

Sacramento geography is quite flat, which makes it convenient for cycling and the mild weather makes it easy for residents to embrace the outdoors. Outside of the city, the many bike-friendly trails are becoming quite popular. The area also houses the International Cycling Museum.

Since the city is not as friendly to cyclists as it could be, it’s important to take extra care when riding your bike. The city has many projects in the pipeline, but they are still take a few years from completion. In the meantime, here are some pointers to keep you safe:

  • Cyclists generally need to follow the same rules as motorists.
  • Travel in the same direction as cars.
  • Use bike lanes if provided.
  • If there are no bike lanes, ride close to the right side of the road so cars can easily pass you.
  • Drive in the middle of the road if you cycle at the same speed as the rest of traffic, if passing stationary vehicles, or if turning left.
  • In Sacramento, cyclists may ride on the sidewalk in residential areas, but not in commercial areas.

The Sacramento area has an array of cycling routes you can enjoy and many cycling clubs you can join. There is something for everyone who seeks the freedom only a bicycle can give.

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